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Team Composition

  1. Each team must have four participants.
  2. Each team must appoint a Team Captain and a Fundraising Coordinator (task descriptions below). This can be the same person, but strongly suggested that you share the load.
  3. As it is a licensed event, team members must be 19 years of age or over.
  4. Player substitutions can be made up until the games officially begin.

Fundraising Requirements Over the years the Greater Moncton Progress Club has had a lot of fun raising and distributing much needed funds to local community charities, but we recognize that we would not be able to meet our charitable obligations and social action mandate without the community’s generous support. To help us meet our event fundraising goals we are asking that each team raise $400 for a team of four. Teams are encouraged to raise additional funds to support the Club’s charities; or they can select a charity of their choice where  60% of every dollar over their initial entry fee will be donated.

Fundraising Incentives Teams and individuals will be rewarded at the event based on the level of funds they raise for the event.

  1. $1,000 raised: Get free food for team
  2. $1,500 raised: Get free food & 1 round of beverages for team
  3. $2,000 raised: Get free food & 1 cooler of beverages for team
  4. $3,000 raised: Get a free catered BBQ meal & 1 cooler of beverages for team
  5. Top Fundraiser – Team: Prizing TBD
  6. Top Fundraiser – Individual: Prizing TBD
  7. Top Fundraiser – Single Event: Prizing TBD

Team Leader Roles

Team Captain:
  1. Responsible to coordinate team recruitment and motivation.
  2. The captain will be the communication contact (non-fundraising questions) with the event office on behalf of all their teammates.
  3. Submit completed registration form.
  4. Attend the team check-in meeting.
  5. To give and receive information on fundraising updates, challenges, game assignments etc.
  6. Assist in coordinating group fundraising efforts.
Fundraising Coordinator:
  1. Encourages team members to raise pledge money and keep their pledge sheets up-to-date.
  2. Providing the event office with team and individual fundraising updates via the fundraising record sheets.
  3. Passes on group fundraising ideas from the event office.
  4. Attend the team check-in meeting.
  5. Collects all pledges raised by each team member prior to the event.
  6. Remits all pledges raised to the event office prior to the event start.

Dates to Remember

Monday, February 20 Registration Period Opens
Saturday, June 17 Game Day